Greta, check out these climate charts

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

Teenager Greta Thunberg made international headlines at the United Nations Climate Action Summit when she forcefully scolded adults for not doing enough against climate change, even berating the fact that she was invited when she said “Yet you all come to us young people for hope. How dare you?” She further implied her U.N. hosts were “evil”, “not mature”, full of “betrayal” and finally, “we will never forgive you”.

I appreciate Greta Thunberg’s involvement and passion.  I encourage Greta to check out the enclosed graph showing that Europe and North America have made incredible strides at reducing pollution. Yet, one region in the world, Asia, has been going in the opposite direction. When are we going to have an honest debate on who is causing the greatest rising pollution threat?  When will countries like China and Russia be held accountable?  If we continue to punish Western countries for our success, then many emission companies will move to polluting countries.

This has already happened in America.

The chart above says it all, the states with carbon cap-and-tax regulatory schemes show a steep decline in manufacturing jobs while other states experience an increase in manufacturing jobs.

Oregon which is one of the least emission states is being asked to pay one of the greatest Carbon Taxes in the nation.    Yet, Carbon taxes hurt the poor while pushing pollution to other places.

Politicians ADMIT that Carbon Taxes hurt the poor.  This is why they Oregon tried to hand out Carbon Tax tax credit vouchers to the poor to offset the expected costs.

My message to Greta is simple. Please look at the facts and work towards solutions that reward success instead of punishing success. And solutions that call attention to the greatest pollution problems.

— Postscript: A few readers aptly suggested that the article on pollution was incomplete without mentioning CO2 levels.  Two CO2 charts have been included which also demonstrate America’s progress and China’s rise.

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