Oregon Carbon Tax cause pet depression?

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Could the Oregon Carbon Tax (Sb 1530) cause depression and sadness among Oregon pets?

Here is what we do know.  The Oregon Carbon Tax Bill (SB 1530 also known as Carbon Cap-and-Trade) is expected to raise gas prices as much as 72-cents and utility prices 13%.  As you spike gas prices and heating bills you will also drive up prices for goods we buy on the shelves.  That means the price of pet goods, pet food, pet medicine and yes, pet treats, will go up.

Will people buying less pet treats and less pet medicine depress your beloved cat, dog or rabbit?   Who knows — but why take the risk!

Our satire aside, this is just another way on how the Oregon Carbon Tax will impact our lives in big and small ways.   The politicians admit this tax will hurt the poor — that is why there are discussing including rebates for poor people in the tax.   Simply put, this tax is going to hurt us, especially the poor, our seniors and our most vulnerable.  That is no laughing matter.

The cat featured above is named Lady Velvet, and her owner Loiuse shared on how this tax is going to hurt her…

“I’m a low income senior living alone on a small Social Security amount.
I can’t afford $4.16 for a gallon of gas and 11 percent increase in my heating bill.
As it is, I carefully plan running errands in my nineteen-.year-old car because of the cost of gas.
I’ll be going without heat some days if this passes.
Please, please – for the sake of seniors – have mercy on us and do NOT pass this carbon tax.”

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