Rural voices against Oregon Carbon Tax

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Here are three powerful rurla Oregon voices against the Oregon carbon Tax (72-cent gas tax) also known as Carbon Cap-and-Trade SB 1530.

“As a third generation farmer rancher, I am completely opposed to SB1530. My operation is a diversified beef, and sheep operation in McMinnville, with timber land. We produce all of our own hay, and need fuel to run tractors, and equipment. We go thru approx. 4000 gallons of fuel each year to feed, clean, harvest, and manage our property. At the proposed 22 cent per gallon projected additional cost of fuel, which I believe to be only the start of additional costs, not to mention the cost of replacing equipment down the road, that may not comply with the rules that I have seen, it will more than likely put this operation out of business, and or stifle growth, and or improvements to the operation. The additional cost of fuel at the projected 22 cents per gallon, would be nearly $1000.00 per year, and fuel goes up more than it goes down in my experience. I have heard, and or read that projections of the increase in fuel costs could be as much as 72 cents per gallon. Agriculture as a rule has no way of offsetting or passing on these added costs, and the bottom line, is already low. As an example, cattle prices in 2019 were $1.00 a Lb. less than two years ago.”
Mochettaz & Gunderman
McMinville ranchers


“It is a terrible idea to add Cap and Trade to the cost of living in Oregon, especially to the rural areas. We have tried really hard to reduce the cost of electricity we use, and have found the cost continues to rise the less the utility company sells. Adding 13% is unconscionable. Adding 53% to business’s on top of their cost to operate will destroy jobs. We are in our 70’s, our income is not going to rise to cover this additional cost. We have to travel farther to get groceries and other needed supplies so a 72 cent per gallon additional cost for gasoline is devastating. We are still trying to clean up from the February 2019 storm that hit this area. We have less Police protection, and are more vulnerable to fires in the summer.”
Roger Nelson
Creswell Oregon


“When we first moved to Oregon 35 years ago, the state was thriving and the state government didn’t overwhelm us with Taxes and fees. No sales tax, vehicle taxes were reasonably low and for two years, property taxes were low, fishing and hunting licenses were affordable and gas was cheap, except during the shortage in the 70’s, odd or even purchase requirement.  Since then Democrats have continually raised taxes, implemented new taxes and increased fees, for vehicle licensing, fishing and hunting licenses. New Crab permit, a new fee for kayaks and canoes, forcing purchase of higher fishing licenses fees, by combining Salmon, Steelhead and Halibut tags, even though you may not want to fish for steelhead, or halibut, making buying a license prohibitive.  Salem seems Hell bent on following California on forcing productive citizens to leave, in order to live. I’m tired of being robbed by Salem!”
Michael and Elaine Armstrong
Lakeside Oregon



Taxpayer Association supporters protesting on the first day of session:

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People are spreading the word online from their own home — such as the Spigariol family below.

The Taxpayer Association has been taking the message directly to the people through billboards

Taxpayer Association designed this cartoon to show you how the Carbon Tax works and has worked for California.

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