Seniors explain how Oregon Carbon Tax will hurt

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Oregon lawmakers are considering a $700 million Oregon carbon Tax (Sb 1530 – also known as Carbon cap-and-trade) that is expected to raise gas prices from 22-censt to 72 cents and natural gas utility prices as much as 13%. California passed a Carbon Tax which helped spiek their gas prices and increase their utility prices by 30% which then contributed to California being rated the #1 poverty state in America.

Oregon seniors took time to explain how an Oregon Carbon Tax would severely hurt their families.

“I am a 71 year old Native Oregonian who’s family settled Oregon in 1845. My wife and I live off my social security and about $1,200 a month I get from a part-time job. For spending money we use what she can make selling her crafts at bazaars. We barely get by… We drive an older car that gets about 25 miles to the gallon. The proposed Carbon Tax will hurt us very badly. I won’t be able to afford the extra cost of gas to get to work or the bazaars. “
Richard Wilson,

“I’m a low income senior living alone on a small Social Security amount. I can’t afford $4.16 for a gallon of gas and 11 percent increase in my heating bill. As it is, I carefully plan running errands in my nineteen-.year-old car because of the cost of gas. I’ll be going without heat some days if this passes. Please, please – for the sake of seniors – have mercy on us and do NOT pass this carbon tax.”

“My age is 93 years old and retired, and my wife’s age is 76 years old and she is still working! We are barely getting by on a fixed income. A Carbon tax on gasoline of 72 cents per gallon coupled with a 13 percent home utility increase would be a devastating blow to our fixed income.”
Richard Collins

“This is going to affect all seniors on a fixed income. Health costs keep going up and those of us in our late 70’s and 80’s are certainly not going back into the work force to pay for this. Also, young people just starting out on low paying jobs will be hurt.”
Sharon Schmidt

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