Gov. Brown needlessly shuts down online charter schools

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The ever vigilant Willamette Week first reported that Gov. Brown has shut down online public charter schools as part of Executive Order #20-08 in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. Online schools can only provide supplemental projects and not resume full courses.

Online schools should be heralded as a saving grace in this crisis not the problem!

Since the story broke, the Department of Education has come forward indicating that some online public charter schools may continue and some cannot. New Oregon regulations determining who can teach online and who can’t are to appear next week. Should not this be the decision of the local school?

Lars Larson made a great comment on this;

“Governor Kate Brown closed the brick n mortar schools but online schools serving thousands of students assumed they would stay in business. Then my colleagues at Willamette Week broke the story yesterday…online schools, perfectly designed to protect students, had to shut down too.

Now the Brown administration is scrambling to spin the story. Of course you can keep operating…but only if you extend services to all. The problem is…as former state rep Jeff Kropf explains, the online school he’s helping has taken on 300 new students in recent weeks…and has 1600 more waiting to get in right now. Brown’s education czar, Colt Gill, must approve it…and he hasn’t.
Teachers unions know that if parents and students get a taste of the high quality and safety of online schooling…they might not come back. And if they stay away…so do the dollar signs attached to each of your kids. Labor unions know that…and union sock puppets like Governor Brown know it too. “

Tune in to Lars today for more…

Here are two more Gov. Brown mishaps this week:

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