5 absurdities of stealing your $175 Kicker Refund

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

Governor Brown and the politicians are hatching up a plan to steal your Kicker Income Tax Return which expected to be $175 average when you file your taxes in 2020.

#1. Governor Kate Brown wants the State Government to pay for the postage on all mail election ballots because people cannot afford to buy a single postage stamp, yet now the politicians want to steal our $175 Kicker Income Tax Return. $175 is a lot of postage.

#2. We are told that government has to hand out tens of thousands of free bus passes to Oregonians (at taxpayer expense) because Oregonians can’t afford to buy a $2.50 bus ticket, yet the politicians want to steal our $175 Kicker Income Tax Refund. $175 is a lot of bus tickets.

#3. We are told that State Government has to pay for people’s cell-phone and internet bills because they can’t afford phone service or broadband service, yet we are stealing their $175 Kicker Income Tax Return. $175 can buy you internet service for most of the year.

#4. We are told that 552,000 Oregonians are food insecure and cannot afford to buy the necessary groceries, yet now we are stealing away their $175 Kicker Income Tax Return. $175 is a lot of groceries.

#5. We are told that Oregon has an affordable housing crisis, yet we are stealing their $175 Kicker Income Tax Refund. $175 is a big help on rent.  (Interestingly, the politicians raised a billion dollars in new Oregon property taxes in 2018 to help pay for affordable housing.  So they are making homes more expensive while stealing the wages we use to pay for it.  Hmmm.)

Remember the state has balanced their two year budget.  Because Oregonians have worked longer hours and small businesses owners have been working harder, state tax collections have been surging across the board resulting in an unexpected surplus of $724 million above the balanced budget.   The Oregon Kicker Income Tax law requires that over-collected money be returned to you the taxpayer.

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