Don’t let them steal your $330 Kicker Refund

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

You may have heard the news this month that the state over-collected $118 million in unexpected revenue.  That grows the forecast in over-collected revenue from $1.5 billion to over $1.6 billion. Thanks to voters putting the Kicker Refund in the State Constitution this will be coming back to taxpayers who paid it — which averages $330 per taxpayer in 2020.

The growing Kicker Refund could spark the February 2019 Legislative Session to raid it.  That is less than 60 days away!

The 2019 Legislature already stole part of your Kicker already using a budget gimmick. They could do this again or try to terminate it completely.

The Taxpayer Association of Oregon lobbied against the Kicker Theft bills in the 2019 Legislature

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During one campaign we generated over 100 phone calls and emails into each Senator’s office.

Please support the Taxpayer Association with an end of year gift so we can continue to protect your $330 Kicker Refund.

– There are even ways to donate a free Tax Credit where you receive up to $50 back ($100 couples) on your taxes. It cost you nothing because you get your donation refunded 100%!!! These donations help fund our PAC which defeats pro-tax candidates.

– You can also donate a charitable deduction to our Foundation which helps investigate and expose government waste, fraud and abuse.

Remember, the Taxpayer Association has been protecting your Kicker Tax Refund for 20 years.  Help invest in our efforts to protect your incoming $330 Kicker Refund which is set for 2020.