Oregon might be closed till May 25: What’s your opinion

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Oregonian front page story reported on the University of Washington model that recommends May 25th a s a possible date to re-open Oregon again from the shutdown.

“Oregon could consider relaxing social distancing measures by May 25, a week later than other West Coast states, according to first-of-their-kind projections from University of Washington researchers. The dates are intended as a guide, said Christopher Murray, the director of UW’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, and are likely to change.”

We think that a May 25 date would be absolutely devastating to our economy, small business, employment and social order.   The pain of this shutdown would be immense.

Oregon has less proportionate infections than most other states.  Why should we remain closed longer than other states?

What is your opinion?

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