For every Oregon virus death 3,320 lost their jobs

The numbers on both sides are staggering and painful to witness.
Taxpayers Association of Oregon

We publish this number so Oregon can reduce BOTH sides of the carnage equation.

These numbers should spring us into action. For instance, Oregon unemployment reached 362,000 at the end of April. That is twice that of the Great Recession.  On the health front, there have been new dangers with one day spikes in new cases (April 10, 13, 18).

This is why the Taxpayer Association has…

(1) Sent protective supplies to people who need it
(2) Created a 7-point plan to safely and strategically re-open Oregon
(3) Soliciting ideas, solutions and public discussion on both how to beat the virus and to get people back to work.
(4) 35+ days straight of online articles and alerts on the virus & shutdown

Our communication with Oregonians across the state has shown us that there are still at-risk seniors who lack protective supplies like a mask and sanitizers and greatly appreciate receiving them.   This is just one way we can all help reduce the spread — especially among the population most threatened by the virus.

The Taxpayer Association also encourages all Oregonians to participate in the re-opening discussion.   The politicians may not be asking for your ideas but we are.  Please share your ideas and solutions on this blog, Facebook or email us at [email protected].

— 35-plus straight days of virus/shutdown reporting by the Taxpayer Association of Oregon on this website.

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