Kicker Refund saved politicians from themselves

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The politicians lamented that Oregon over-collected $1.6 billion in surplus taxes in the last budget cycle and that they had to return the over-collected funds back to taxpayers who overpaid through Kicker Tax Refund credits back to taxpayers.

The politicians said they desperately needed that Kicker money to balance the budget!

They lied.

You see, the State General Fund budget still grew by 12% without taking your Kicker Income Tax Refund.

Did you get a 12% raise last year? I didn’t think so.

One statistic showed that the average U.S. wage raise was between 1-3%. In one sense, the state budget is growing four times faster than your ability to pay for it.

If the politicians had your Kicker Tax money they would have spent it on new government employees — which is what they always do. Government employees is among the biggest rising expense of Oregon State government.  Because of the COVID-19 crisis and declining tax revenue those employees would have had to be fired.

Simply put, spending the excess surplus Kicker funds would have only gone to unsustainable employee costs to be reversed months later.

Instead the Kicker went back to people right around tax time in April, which was the critical month of economic damage to taxpayer families.

The average Kicker Check was over $700.

The people’s Kicker Income Tax Refund acted as a lifesaving stimulus that came from Oregon’s surplus.   This Kicker Refund law works better than expected during this crisis.


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