Confusing Numbers for Social Gatherings Continues in Oregon

By Rep. Bill Post

Late Friday afternoon July 24, an email was sent out to faith leaders statewide from the OHA Faith Liaison Team that had specific instructions for gatherings and masks. I have posted the email in jpeg fashion below.


As you can clearly see, social gatherings size for Phase One Counties is: 50 indoor or outdoor and Phase Two Counties is 100 indoor and 250 outdoor. It also includes a guideline for persons preaching, teaching or singing to wear masks. This email was never posted to any OHA or the Governor’s websites.

I spent today seeking answers as to where this email could be found. A link could not be found anywhere. Instead I was told that “This is the link”:

Now, just in case that link gets mysteriously changed again, let me post screen shots of each part of that link.


So now, as of July 24, regardless of the email referenced above sent to faith leaders statewide, the social gatherings sizes (including churches) is now Phase One: 50 indoor, 50 outdoor and Phase Two: 50 indoor, 100 outdoor. Also, note that there is NO reference to wearing masks while preaching, teaching or singing. None of this was sent out to legislators or anyone that I am aware of including the media.

How were we supposed to know about this? What plans will now have to be changed drastically based on this new information?

Please share this far and wide so that people who are planning events, church, etc can be prepared.


Hello Representatives Stark and Post,

I apologize again for confusion. Here is a better, more complete explanation.

Faith community gathering limit clarification effective July 24th:

In phase 1, Faith Communities are considered “faith-based, civic or cultural gatherings,” allowing for up to a 50 person gathering limit regardless of whether the gathering is indoor or outdoor as long as physical distancing of at least 6 feet can be maintained. The applicable guidance document can be found here:

 In phase 2, Faith Communities are considered a part of  “Venue” based guidance.  This guidance allows for services of up to 100 individuals if held inside, or 250 individuals if outside, as long as 6 feet of physical distancing can be maintained.  The applicable guidance document for faith communities located in a Phase 2 county can be found here:

So, IF you are a social gathering not a venue, you have differing numbers….confused yet? I am.