Top 10 worst Portland protest chants

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

These are actual crowd chants that our team personally observed at the Portland protests or were recorded by media sources.

1. “Black Lives Matter. Blue Lives Splatter!”

2. “How do you spell Nazi? P.P.D!”
(PPD = Portland Police Department)

3. “5. 6. 7. 8. America was never great!”

4. “No good cops in racist USA!”

5. “No justice. No peace. and F*ck the police!”

6. “Burn the precinct to the ground!”
(shouted while breaking windows to precinct)

7.) “Good cops quit. Good cops quit”

8.) “Blue Lives Don’t exist.”

9.) “Wake up. Wake up. Wake up motherf**kers. Wake up!”*
(shouted during march in Portland residential neighborhood at night)

10.) “F*ck Ted Wheeler. F*ck Ted Wheeler. F*ck Ted Wheeler.”
(shouted outside Mayor Wheeler’s residential apartment complex)

“Your children hate you. Your children hate you. Your children hate you.”
(actually chanted in front of Multnomah County Sheriffs Office)

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