Why protestors cheer at violence and death

(Photo Left: The media did obtain permission from the wounded LA deputies’ families to broadcast the photo)
Taxpayers Association of Oregon


When two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were shot in the head this week, bystanders stood back and took pictures rather than trying to help.  They were caught on cell-phones cheering.  Other protestors showed up to the hospital and tried to block the entrance for the wounded officers. Outside the hospital they cheered “We hope they die”.

When a Trump supporter Aaron Danielson was shot outside a protest in Portland,  a woman in a bullhorn told the nearby crowd “Our community can take out the trash on our own! I am not sad that a f**king fascist died tonight!” which brought applause and cheers.

They cheer at people’s death and misery because they have been cheering dehumanizing slogans all night long before these violent events happen.

They chant “Black lives matter, Blue lives splatter!” and “Blue lives don’t exists.”

As they chant they are surrounded by cop-killing messages.

Here are some found near the Portland Courthouse protest site (notice the one that says “kill all cops”).

These violent protests are brewing grounds for hatred, violence and dehumanizing others which leads to celebrating death and at times committing murder.

Protestors beat a man trying to help a robbery victim just a few weeks ago.

This man beat a recall Kate Brown petitioner a few weeks ago.  Since the crowd portrays all opponents as fascists and Nazi’s, it gives the public approval to hurt and wound other people.



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