People laugh, cheer at harming police

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Photo: Seattle Officer Elyssa Khalife, 8/7/20, injured from thrown rock. Khalife said “It felt like they were there to hurt us. Their point was to injure officers.”

One of the more disturbing aspects of witnessing the riots is to see crowd behavior as they cheer the thoughts of harm and injury coming to people they do not like — in this case police (or in other cases Mayor Ted Wheeler).

At the Multnomah County Sheriffs office protest, the crowd would laugh when the police loudspeakers warned that their use of lasers that night could cause permanent blindness.

I saw the seriousness of this problem at a prior protest before the Federal Courthouse. A policeman was spotted on a nearby balcony. It was the first sign of police one had seen the entire night. Immediately people rushed closer to the building and began to flood his face with green lasers. Then the crowd yelled insults of bodily harm to the officer.

If you can imagine how people responded to this one one lone cop on a balcony, imagine now how much more problematic if this cop was on the street.

At another Portland protest, people were chanting “Blue Lives Don’t Exist”. If the crowd can convince you that police are not human beings then it becomes ok to hurt them, blind them or even worse.

Nationally, more than 700 officers were injured just within the first two weeks of the George Floyd protests according to the NY Post.

The number of police killed this year has surged 28% according to ABC News.


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