Late voters walking into election day trap

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon has a lot of last minute voters like Republicans and Non Affiliated, which together actually make up a majority of the voters in the state. It is traditional to see lines around county election offices string across the block on election night. Now imagine that same tradition happening with 6-feet social distancing requirements. How many blocks will voters be asked to stand in line come this Tuesday.

Also, last year in Portland there were protests on election night. After 130 days of protesting it appears likely that they will be out protesting on election night. This often includes blocking roads and freeways. Protesters have vandalized government buildings and libraries which are the site of ballot drop off locations. Election day voters should be prepared for any sort of surprises, delays or barriers.

If you are a voter, please vote now by dropping your ballot off at an approved voter site. Do not wait until election day.

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Photo of national voting in America.