This photo and story speaks volumes

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

This photo of vandalized Portland’s Bagdad Theater tells a story.  You have this cherished business that has been painfully shut down for both their movie and inside restaurant services.

The theater makes it their primary message on its marque to showcase “Black Lives Matter”.   Yet rioters on Thanksgiving Day came and vandalized their walls with a “BLM” (Black Lives Matter) and “Stolen land” message.

This photo represents what you will see throughout Portland this year, small businesses with big Black Lives Matters signs being vandalized anyways.   Many Black owned businesses have been looted, burned and vandalized this year.   And throughout the year the politicians have been giving in to their demands (10 times already) and yet the rioting continues.   Not only have politicians been appeasing but the rioters but those rioters who got caught that night during the Thanksgiving riot all had their charges dropped and were set free.

Here is some of what rioters did that night.

The Bagdad theater is no ordinary business.  It is a historical landmark and a place that does fundraisers for the community and people in need.   They are barely surviving during the restaurant shutdown.  Oregon’s lockdown is one of the very few such severe lockdowns in the entire nation.   Before the November lockdown occurred, this businesses and others in Oregon suffered under tighter restrictions this summer than 42 other states.   Simply put, Oregon businesses have sacrificed more than most small businesses in America.  It is sad to see their sacrifice sabotaged by vandals for whom local politicians have allowed to go free.

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