Gov. Brown backlash part 2 – lockdown opposition grows

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Last week we reported a big growing list of opposition groups to Governor Kate Brown’s lockdown, and this week we had to issue a new list because of all the growing opposition.


• Beaverton’s Invictus Defense Academy gym has allowed customers to “peacefully protest” against the lockdown by working out inside the gym as a form of protest. The owner Chris Green told KOIN-TV , “I understand this is in the interest of health, But again, there’s a reasonableness standard. And again, what you’re doing is intentionally and recklessly crashing our economy.”


• The Oregon Chamber of Commerce has issued a striking statewide call to rescind the lockdownThey issued a list of fixes including; for an immediate re-opening of all businesses, A $75 million Hospitality Relief fund, a freeze on all new taxes and fees, and more. Read more here.


• Klamath Falls restaurant, Casey’s, has remained open during the lockdown calling it a peaceful protest.  They received a red notice from OHSA.


Protesters gathered outside Umatilla Courthouse on Dec 2nd to oppose the lockdown and call for re-opening businesses


• Bend voters held a rally against the lockdown, and it became national news when a public school teacher hurled insults at the protesters.


• House Republican Leader Christine Drazan pens Oregonian letter asking for a return to in-person learning and limits to the Governor’s abuse of emergency powers.


Roughly 19 Central Oregon leaders wrote a letter urging Gov. brown to re-open schools


If we missed anyone, please email us at OregonWatchdog@Gmail<dot>com


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