Huge coalitions, backlash form against Gov. Brown’s lockdown

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

— A massive business alliance called the Coronavirus Recovery Business Coalition has been pushing back against the Governor’s lockdown.  Look at the list below.

Thirteen Oregon State Senators penned an open letter opposing Gov. Brown’s lockdown.

State Senator Dennis Linthicum and Rep. E. Werner Reschke filed a lawsuit against the lockdown as a Constitutional violation.

— The Oregon Restaurant Association sued the Governor recently to ease the lockdown.

— Oregon Farm Bureau resoundingly criticized Governor Brown’s rushed and secretive Executive Order on COVID-19 rules over agriculture housing.

— Two of the larger fitness centers in Salem (Courthouse, Flex Fitness) defied the Governor’s lockdown by remaining open.   A La Grande gym also refused to close.

— The Chair-elect of Oregon’s 3rd largest County, Clackamas, made national headlines for defying the Governor’s Thanksgiving 6-person limit on private in-home gatherings.

— Over 250 people held Thanksgiving dinner in front of the State Capitol in defiance of her Thanksgiving order.

Sandy’s Mayor opposed the Governor’s lockdown and the Lebanon Mayor slams Gov. Brown over her freeze.

— KTVZ reports that a Central Oregon group that opposes the lockdown has been gathering toys to help those injured by the lockdown

— Parents, teachers and media complained against Governor Brown’s making her education decisions  behind closed doors.

— County Commissioners from Multnomah and Washington County ignored the Governor’s travel advisory when they vacationed in Hawaii and Mexico. We can only assume this was a “secret” backlash against the Governor’s lockdown.

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Keep in mind these facts.

  1. Before the lockdown, Oregon was already rated the #8 most restrictive COVID rules in the nation.
  2. Oregon was rated #5 fewest COVID cases per capita,
  3. Oregon was rated #10 best hospitalization rates in the nation.
  4. Despite these comparative facts, Oregon entered into a full one-size-fits-all lockdown without flexibility, without allowing businesses, churches and other organizations to adjust based upon their capacity, without allowing businesses and gyms to utilize outdoor options, and without a vote or assembly of the people’s elected lawmakers.

Since the lockdown (and backlash) , Gov. Brown has began to rescind some of the restrictions.  Yet, her style of making surprise, heavy-handed, one-size-fits-all rules created behind closed doors and without Legislative involvement, is causing real damage to people’s lives.

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article updated 12/1/2020