Protestors label Biden fascist…and U.S. Constitution

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The photo above is from an anti-fascist march on Biden’s inauguration Day.  These anti-fascist tagged the Portland Democrat Party Office with signs calling Biden as fascist.

This is in addition to a few months ago when at they rally a guest speaker lawyer declared that all police are fascist and the United States Constitution was a fascist document.

Being that these protestors have labeled President Joe Biden, all police officers, and the U.S. Constitution as fascist, it strains all belief that the media still calls these protestors “anti-fascists”.   They are clearly anarchist.

These anarchists even left their anarchist mark on the Democrat headquarters.


These anarchist have worked extremely hard at anarchy… destroying much of the City of Portland.

They should get the violent and criminal credit they deserve with the anarchist label.

The media needs to call them anarchists and not anti-fascists.


P.S. They also burned a Biden flag.   These are not your parents progressives.

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