We’re being censored over these four political words

Taxpayer Association of Oregon


This is a complicated but necessary story to tell.

Whenever we mention these four words in an article, the article gets frozen on certain social media sites as if it not being seen by anyone.

It is so bad we can’t even type them out because we don’t want this article to be censored.

We can tell something is wrong because we can measure the popularity of an article based upon insider data from how many people view it from the original website (OregonCatalyst) and also how many people choose to click it from other websites (OregonWatchdog). We can see an article surge in popularity from many sources while at the same time unexpectedly drop 90% in noticeability from certain social media sites.

We experience this again last Friday when we published an in-depth article on the Washington DC Capitol riot.


The article provided original analysis, was fair as it offered careful constructive criticisms on all sides of the political debate, and it was popular based upon other websites.   On social media it was virtually non-existent.   The only reason it eventually received attention on social media is when we blasted it out to thousands in their email box and people were Liking it manually from the website itself.   Email is the last defense against censorship.

This is unfortunate because it feels like Big Tech is preventing conservatives from having adult conversations about critical topics among consenting adults.

3 ways to defeat the censors

• Be daring, visit censored articles like 15 insights on the 104 arrested at the Dc riots.

• Visit censor-free news aggregator websites like OregonWatchdog.   OregonWatchdog shows you news links from 20 different sources so you can see with your own eyes what important stories the media left out (by showing you the one media site that did).

• Remember, Email is among the last remaining 100% censor-free web tools.  Sign up for email services for both OregonWatchdog and OregonCatalyst so they can deliver the news right into your inbox.


It can be discouraging to work nearly 30 hours on a special report like the DC riot, and then have Big Tech block us from having the conversation.  We must stop censorship and get back to having a debate about our country, please spread the word, sign up by email, and help protect Free Speech.


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