Biden AG invents Portland riot double standard

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This week President Biden’s Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland, when asked about rioters attacking courthouses (like Portland) Garland basically said that there was a big difference between attacking a courthouse during the day and during the night when it is closed.  Here is the text.

Missouri Senator Tom Hawley: “Do you regard assaults on federal courthouses or other federal properties as acts of domestic extremism or domestic terrorism?”

Merrick Garland, Attorney General nominee:An attack on a courthouse while in operation, trying to prevent judges actually from trying cases, that plainly is domestic extremism, domestic terrorism.” and added “An attack simply on a government property at night or under other kind of circumstances is a clear crime, and a serious one, and should be punished. I don’t know enough of the facts. That is where i draw the line. Both are criminal. but one is a core attack on our democratic institutions.”

The prospective AG is downplaying terrorism because it happens at night.

Rioters attack at night because that is when they won’t be caught and can cause the most damage.

Portland protesters already rioted during the day.

In 2018, violent Portland protesters took over an entire street block while shutting down the Federal Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office.   It spread to ten other cities.   An attorney for ICE had his office sabotaged.

In Seattle rioters occupied City Hall and also an entire neighborhood with CHAZ.

The Portland Courthouse riots occurred during the day and did indeed interfere with judges being able to access the courtroom.

Instead of identifying the Courthouse rioters as terrorist, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the Federal agents (Nazi) stormtroopers, and Biden would call the responsible group just an idea.  (unable to mention name due to censors)

The Portland rioters have worked hard at interfering with Federal and law enforcement while unleashing a wave of violence, arson and sabotage America has rarely seen.  Have they not earned the title of terrorist activity?

This is unfortunate because Merrick Garland is being gushed about int he media as with this Washington Post opinion piece that was also picked up by the Oregonian that praised Merrick garland like a messiah.

(photo: from LA 2020 riot)

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