$571 million Oregon surplus means $300-$700 Kicker refund

Taxpayer Association of Oregon


According to State forecasters, the average Oregonian is expecting to receive a $571 million Kicker Income Tax Refund next year when they file their taxes.   This is because of how the Oregon revenue has exceeded expectations based on a large part on the federal stimulus and also a surprise rebound in lottery revenue.  Based on similar scenarios the average kicker refund might be between $300-$700 depending on the final adjustments.

The Oregon Kicker law refunds to taxpayers when government over-collects tax revenue beyond what they budgeted for.

The politicians years ago, already stripped away the corporate tax kicker tax refund, so the politicians are able to keep some of the excess over-collected revenue (totaling $420 million) from this current surge.   That surplus should be enough, but don’t bet on it.  Lawmakers stole over a $100 million of the people’s Kicker Income Tax refund using a budget gimmick in 2019.   Expect them to do it again.

Despite the surplus, expect politicians to raises taxes anyways.  Gov. Brown has proposed (1) beer taxes (2) property taxes and (3) small business taxes that only apply to family-personally owned small businesses.

We need to protect our kicker and our $571 refund!

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