We’re getting schooled by teachers unions

By Lars Larson,

NW and national radio host

Northwest states take justifiable pride in being out on the cutting edge in so many areas.

High tech industries attracted by a highly educated population

But consider where our lowbrow leadership leaves us today.

Washington State now ranks 47th out of 50 American states in school reopening.

Oregon holds one spot lower at 48th.

In Iowa and Montana and Wyoming…100 percent of students have in person education from the public schools, despite the pandemic.

Oregon and Washington have less than 20 percent of students getting in person instruction .

The “why” is easy. Democrats run the states and they win election with the cash and votes of labor unions.

The labor unions demand first rate treatment…top salaries, gold plated benefits packages…in Oregon, young healthy teachers get in the China Virus vaccine line ahead of seniors…all because they enjoy political favor from the likes of Kate Brown and Jay Inslee.

And those two return the favor.

When the CDC declares it safe to reopen schools…vaccinated teachers or not…but the unions say “we’d rah-thur not”…”sweeten your offer”…Kate and Jay can’t bend over fast enough.

Your kids pay the price…and as you might notice, you taxpayers have already paid too.