Portland protestor attacks church, sends priest fleeing

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At 3:27 am on Ash Wednesday a known anarchist protestor broke into St. Mary’s Cathedral in Northwest Portland and shattered some of the historic, 100-year-old, stained glass windows.

44-year-old Christopher Colletta was seen throwing items out windows from inside the church and was holding a box cutter-type razor blade. One of the church’s priests who lives onsite, tried his best to calm Colletta down, but didn’t succeed. The priest fled the building outside to police. Colletta was arrested and charged with burglary, criminal mischief and resisting arrest and was later released on pretrial supervision. The priest praised the police handling of the incident and said he prayed for Colletta.

The Post Millennial reported that Colletta was convicted of an unrelated felony criminal mischief incident last year and given 18 months of probation. And interestingly, St. Mary’s Cathedral’s clergy performed the rite of exorcism for the city last year in response to the ongoing riots.

Roughly a week later, President Biden would drop the Anarchy designation from Portland that was placed by then President Trump.

Two weeks later the Legislature began debating proposals to make it harder for police to intervene in riot-like situations.

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