Fox News: Wyden’s family buys stock in firms he’s set to subsidize

Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Fox Business News ran a story about Oregon US Senator Ron Wyden’s wife purchasing stokc in two different semiconductor companies at the same time her husband is workong on subsidies for the industry. Fax News reports,

“Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., is pushing for legislation to expand U.S. manufacturing of semiconductors, batteries and other technology – but his wife recently purchased at least $2,000 worth of stock in American semiconductor manufacturing tool companies. Wyden’s wife Nancy Bass Wyden purchased between $2,002 and $30,000 in stock from two companies, Applied Material Inc. and KLA Corp., on Feb. 26, according to a financial disclosure report Wyden filed Tuesday evening. Applied Material and KLA “dominate” the semiconductor manufacturing tool industry, according to Reuters. Sen. Wyden announced last week that he is working on legislation to incentivize domestic manufacturing.”

Wyden’s wife is a bookstore owner who previously ran into headlines over a historical designation debate over her store.

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