School Board voted in secret, protecting school bully

Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The Oregon City School Board is the latest example of sloppy lawmaking for which the media is calling them out for an illegal meeting and vote. They voted to maintain equestrian coach, Angie Wacker, despite state laws prohibiting such decisions during closed-door meetings. Wacker had allegations of her bullying students online and multiple violations to Oregon law.

According to the official OCSD Complaint Procedure the superintendent, not the athletic director, should have written the report prior to the school board hearing a formal appeal. The district violated its own policy in this case because Angie Wacker appears to have written portions of the athletic director’s investigatory report that led to the school board’s decision.

This represents a pattern of closed door decision making:

– Portland Mayor Sam Adams blocked public records requests by the Freedom Foundation.

– Oregon lawmakers met behind closed doors to settle sexual harassment claims.

– Many of the COVID regulations over businesses and schools were made behind closed doors.

This is a trend from the State to the cities to the School Boards.  Making decisions behind closed doors must stop.

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