Alert!!! SB191 gives child molesters, rapists early prison release

Taxpayer Association of Oregon


Monday April 5th, 8:00 AM in the Senate Judiciary is a hearing on SB 191 which is expected to reduce the voter-approved prison time for rapists, child molesters, attempted murderers and people who use firearms to injure others.

The Oregon District Attorney Association put out this forecast of possible changes under SB 191.

Please note: The official state government description of SB 191 (Staff Measure Summary) has not been released to the public as of Sunday night 11:00pm, and will not be able to be seen until the morning of the hearing.   The public is effectively being left in the dark on the details of the bill with the Staff Measure Summary until the hearing begins.   Also, the highly controversial bill is expected to be voted on 48 hours after the first hearing.

These violent crimes were given tough sentences by voters who put them into the Constitution.

Now the politicians wish to violate the will of voters to reward criminals with early release with SB 191.

Marion County District Attorney warns that by making violent criminals serve light sentences ( with SB 191), it makes victims less likely to report:

“Repealing Ballot Measure 11 will only encourage less reporting by victims of intimate and family violence. The rigors of navigating the criminal legal process is deterrent enough. Victims who have no guarantee of fairness and no hope for a reliable sentence will only have increased reasons to continue to suffer in silence. “

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