Look how Portland destroyed itself in 6 months

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

It used to be that the coast was Oregon’s hardest hit area of the lockdown because of a loss of tourism as demonstrated by our August 2020 post showing the Coast as the worst, and Portland as the best for job loss.

Portland went from having the state’s smallest and best job loss rate (August 2020) to having the biggest and worst job loss rate (January 2021).

Portland leapfrogged over other Oregon areas devastated by wildfires which lost entire towns.

Portland’s loss has been magnified by the 140 day riots.

Which turned entire blocks into windowless board fortresses.

Portland’s loss also likely to their 2020 onslaught of new tax increases which is set to put Portland on the map as one of the highest taxed areas in the nation.

Businesses left.

This is so tragic to witness.

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