Capitol update: Guns, taxes, teacher sex abuse, voter purges…

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

PASSED THE HOUSE (HB 3389, SB 649, HB 2681, HB 2508)

HB 3389 helps businesses avoid the tax trap caused when the pandemic’s jobless explosion resulted in triggering higher unemployment benefits to pay for the fund’s losses. HB 3389 adjusts how unemployment rates are calculated and allows businesses to defer up to 100% of some of their obligations.

SB 649 helps to increase the sexual abuse penalties committed by a school teacher to match the same as offered by a school coach which is a second degree sexual abuse penalty. SB 649 was inspired by a student who was sexually abused by her teacher who only served two days in jail.

HB 2681 stops the practice of terminating entire population of voters because they have not recently voted. HB 2681 also improves how the Elections Office notifies voters to inquire if they are indeed no longer qualified voters.

HB 2508 expands the legal ability to access telemedicine. The rules were relaxed during the pandemic and are now made more permanent under Hb 2508.


SB 850 requires that the words “domicile unknown” be used when a homeless person dies and there address is not known. SB 850 is done as a way to better track the number of homeless.

SB 803 cracks down on the illegal sale of stolen catalytic converters. SB 803 requires additional new requirements upon the sale of a catalytic converter.


SB 317 makes permanent the right for a restaurant to serve sell wine and mixed drinks to as a to-go service to customers. SB 317 has a scheduled hearing later this week.

HB2574 allows new forms of cremation.  Hb 2574 allows for alternative authorized processes that include alkaline hydrolysis and naturalorganic reduction.


SB 554 allows local governments to ban concealed firearm carriers from entering their designated buildings. Also, HB 2510, which mandates gun storage is being rumored as being likely to be added to SB 554 as a combined gun bill. The storage law of HB 2510 would be among the toughest in the United States.

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