Biden paying people NOT to work is a disaster

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Aren’t you glad we finally ditched that Capitalist Running Dog Donald Trump?

That guy had almost all of us working!

Before Trump, America had Blacks, Hispanics, women and teenagers in high unemployment.

Trump wanted everyone working!

Thank goodness Joe Biden has shown us a new way.

Pay people NOT to work. And it’s working! Just this morning we learn that even with 7.1 million open, available jobs in America, we beat all the expectations.

Economists predicted a million people would go back to work. But by simply paying people not to, Joe and the Democrat Party Congress helped us miss that mark by almost 75%…only 266 thousand people felt the need to work for a paycheck.

Now there are areas of resistance.

Montana for instance announced it’s cutting off extra unemployment benefits that the federal government keeps shoveling out from its endless supply of cash.

But in the proud blue states of America, if the waning pandemic forces Governors to actually unlock main street and let those restaurants and bars reopen, we will keep paying folks to stay on the couch, blissfully unemployed.

All they have to do is check their smartphones for the latest bank deposit.

Under China Joe, it’s a workers paradise…without all the work.