Portland protest message: Less on George Floyd, more on killing police

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Recent Portland protests claim they are about racial justice but when you attend the nighttime protests you realize that most of the chanting and speaking is on defaming and abolishing police rather than about racial justice or racial reconciliation.

Most of the graffiti leans towards killing and maligning police.  The  Taxpayers Association of Oregon who chronicled this morning’s damage form the one year anniversary of George Floyd’s death.

The message of “Kill cops” was everywhere and more often cited than either George Floyd or BLM.

The photo on the top of this article shows the vandalized front of the Portland Police Bureau building and the three photos below shows the back of the police building.


In addition to vandalizing the Portland Police Bureau they also attacked Portland City Hall at nearly most of their windows.


…and if they didn’t break a window at City Hall they wrote “Die Nazis” on it.


Portland protesters also tore down protective fencing around the parks and by the Federal Courthouse.


Once the fences were torn down it allowed protesters to vandalize the park like this veterans memorial honoring the soldiers of the Revolutionary War.   Because of the Revolutionary War most states, free from British control, were able to vote to end slavery in their state, thus liberating slaves decades before Britain did.


Guess who is claiming credit for all this destruction and death threats?  The three arrows sign which is often ascribed to antifascists, anarchists and Antifa.

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