Will Oregon see $5 gas prices?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The Wall Street Journal recently headlined the warning that California gas may be approaching $5 a gallon.   This is in part to their Carbon Tax and various carbon regulations — something that Oregon is mimicking.  Oregon already has the hidden gas tax (Low Carbon Fuel Standard) which drives up prices.   Oregon higher-than-national-average gas taxes also drive up prices.

This is why Oregon is among the higher gas price states according to AAA (6/1/2021).

More recently, Oregon Democratic lawmakers have been pushing for a Carbon Tax just like California, which would push our prices up even higher.

President Biden closing of the Keystone pipeline has been associated with a recent increase in gas prices.  That will add costs to whatever Oregon lawmakers choose to do.

Where Oregon will land in the next year or two will depend on the 2021 Legislature.

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