Bestseller Naomi Wolfe banned over Senator Thatcher’s press release

By NW Spotlight,

Author Naomi Wolf was the latest target in Big Tech’s censorship campaign as she was banned from Twitter for reading a press release by Oregon State Senator Kim Thatcher.   Naomi Wolf is a bestselling author, journalist and one of America’s leading feminist voices.

According to reports, Wolf says the platform permanently banned her for posting a video of her reading from a press release by Oregon Senator Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer). The press release announced a bill sponsored by Sen. Thatcher, SB 872 to ban vaccination passports in the state in the interest of protecting people’s privacy.

From the release: “The Governor’s vaccine passport scheme is an extreme invasion of Oregonians’ privacy. No Oregonian should have to divulge medical information to participate in everyday life. This bill is about making clear Oregonians’ rights, which have been railroaded by the Governor during the pandemic. One person cannot and should not have this much power over Oregonians’ lives and livelihoods.”

Read the full release here.

Are big social media companies making it unlawful to have a discussion on vaccine passports?   Please share your opinions.