Gov. Brown taxing small businesses, bailing out millionaires

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Senate Bill 139 is up for a hearing in the Oregon Senate Finance and Revenue Committee.   The SB 139 amendments aim to raise the income tax rate for family owned small businesses by over 17%, totaling $50 million in higher taxes.

At the same time in the same same hearing, SB 727, provides a secret tax break for Oregon’s billionaires and millionaires.   This secret tax break is a contrived tax credit that helps Oregon’s richest avoid paying federal taxes.   Gov. Brown is trying to hide this tax by offering some minimal tax breaks for small businesses, but after the numbers are totaled, small family owned businesses will be paying $50 million more in taxes.

This tax is being fast-tracked and passed during the final days of the 20201 Legislative Session.

In the end, SB 139 taxes small businesses while we struggle in a pandemic.  This is absurd and devious.

Please contact the State Senators on the Committee and get them to vote NO on the tax.

· Chair Senator Ginny Burdick, 503-986-1718, [email protected]​​ ​
· Vice-Chair Senator Brian Boquist, 503-986-1712, [email protected]
· Member Senator Lynn Findley, 503-986-1730, [email protected]
· Member Senator Chuck Riley, 503-986-1715, [email protected]
· Member Senate Majority Leader Rob Wagner, 503-986-1719, [email protected]

Gov. Brown proposed a small businesses tax back in December 2020.  SB 139 is the result of her blueprint and has been secretly held to the end of Session to pass when voters are not paying attention. This article has been updated to reflect changes in the bills and Committee.

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