The high and lows of the 2021 Oregon Session

2021 Session Demonstrates Need for Balance
By Oregon Senate Republican Caucus,

SALEM, Ore. – Today concluded the 2021 legislative session. It was defined by not a single member of the public being allowed into the Capitol building.

Senate Republican Leader Fred Girod (R-Lyons) released the following statement:

“The best bill of the session is always sine die.

“Legislatures around the country found a way to allow citizens into their buildings to meaningfully participate in the legislative process. Not in Oregon. That was a travesty of democracy, transparency, and accountability.

“As much as we disagreed this session, Republicans and Democrats were still able to do some good things for Oregonians. We were able to make major investments in wildfire recovery. Bipartisan police reform was passed and Republicans were able to pass major bipartisan public safety reforms to protect vulnerable Oregonians.

“This session, Republicans lifted up the voices of students and parents by pushing for choice and opportunity in education. Republicans were strong supporters of getting kids back in school after a year of lost learning. We were able to kill some harmful tax increases and protected most of the Kicker. We also stopped harmful anti-public safety legislation.

“Unfortunately, Democrats advanced an extreme agenda that will continue to artificially depress Oregon’s potential. Many critical issues were left ignored by the supermajority, like reforming the Governor’s emergency powers. It’s now our job to educate Oregonians about these harmful policies and earn their trust to govern.”