Bill passes limiting tools police can use in riot

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Among the final bills to pass in the final hours of the 2021 Session was HB 2928-B which restricts what law enforcement can use during a riot.

The summary reads, “Regulates use of chemical incapacitants, kinetic impact projectiles, and sound devices by law enforcement. Prohibits the use of chemical incapacitants and kinetic impact projectiles for purposes of crowd control unless use of force is otherwise authorized by statute. Requires certain accommodations and instructions to be made by law enforcement for certain individuals when deploying specified devices unless said requirements cannot be done safely. Prohibits the use of strobe lights for crowd control. Declares that an intentional violation of certain provisions constitutes the crime of official misconduct in the second degree. Prohibits law enforcement from acting in concert with another agency or proxy law enforcement to engage in conduct barred by statute or court order.”

This bill comes as Portland has struggled to contain over 150 days of rioting over the past year and the unparalleled resignation of all 50 officers from the Portland Rapid Response riot team over a lack of support.

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