Anarchists now advocating forced vaccinations???

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Last summer, it was noted that Portland anarchists harassed people who were not wearing a mask at an outdoor concert at Waterfront Park.  The anarchist even tried to disrupt the event.  One year later at the same spot, a traveling  pastor and critic of government COVID policies had his outdoor event sabotaged by anarchists.   You can see in the image below the anarchist macing someone before they tear down the sound equipment.

Last week, anarchist attacked an “anti-mandatory vaccination” rally in Los Angeles outside City Hall. 

– An NPR reporter was attacked and called a gay slur.

– An anti-mandatory vaccination protestor was stabbed.

So it appears that anarchists are now pushing for forced vaccinations.

To follow more, please watch the video below of FoxNews host, Tucker Carlson, interview former Oregonian and leftist violence expert and bestselling author, Andy Ngo. It looks like Leftist protestors and anarchists are switching their beliefs to whatever is fitting for the day.


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