Three independent governor candidates may run

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon PAC

There have been one announced and two rumored candidates that may be running for Oregon governor as an Independent.  Here is the list so far.

  • Oregon State Senator Betsy Johnson:   Senator Johnson is a Democrat Senator from the North Coast who is the most independent vote out of all the Democrat lawmakers both Senators and Representatives.   Senator Johnson often votes against her party on big tax issues.  The Willamette Week reports that she is seriously making consideration for a 2020 Oregon Governor candidate run and would do so as an Independent.
  • NY Times journalist Nicholas Kristof: Mr. Kristoff is a columnist for the NY Times and Pulitzer Prize winner, who lives in Yamhill County.  Kristoff is also well-known as a regular CNN commentator.  The media has announced that he is making preparations for a possible gubernatorial run.   It is not known if he would run under the Democrat ticket as an outsider or as an Independent candidate where the nomination process is much easier to win than the crowded Democart field.   Kristoff currently faces residency issues that must be resolved before he could run.
  • Former police officer Tim Harrold:  Mr. Harrold launched his campaign this month as an Independent candidate for Governor.  He is running on public safety, environment and fixing homelessness.  He has a fancy website and has raised $2,600 in his PAC so far.

We will keep you posted of these latest candidate developments.

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