House GOP walks out of unfair redistricting process, Capitol in limbo

Oregon Capitol in Salem – Kitzhaber resigns – Feb 13, 2015 (Oregon Catalyst)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon House Republicans in protest over redistricting unfairness walked out of the 2021 Special Session.  Rep. Shelly Boshart Davis said, “At the end of the day this is the same outcome, maybe just a little more dressed up than the previous blatantly gerrymandered map” and “”We made an agreement, Speaker Kotek lied and these maps need to die”.  This also comes after House Speaker Tina Kotek broke her pledge promise to use a bipartisan committee to arrive at the final maps.

Here is an excerpt from our companion article: Portland still gets all the voting power

Mark Friesen,, cites a redistricting analyst on the latest proposal which shows continued Democrat dominance:

CD 1 (Bonamici): D +30
CD 2 (Bentz): R +25
CD 3 (Blumenauer): D +44
CD 4 (DeFazio): D +10
CD 5 (Schrader): D+1
CD 6 (NEW): D +4

The latest mapsshifts CD 5 across the Cascades, grabbing Bend. But the original proposed pizza design with districts creeping out of Portland continue the Gerrymandered format for Democrats: no respect for natural boundaries (Cascade Mountains), linked communities of interest, or other ties . . . except Democrat voter registration and with the consequence of giving Portland over-representation (and under representing rural Oregon).  This will only further Oregon’s rural-urban split.

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