Portland still gets all the vote power in new redistricting maps

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The compromise plan B redistricting maps provided by House Democrats still retain major controversies and bias as reported in the media.

Mark Friesen, OregonLive.com, cites a redistricting analyst on the latest proposal which shows continued Democrat dominance:

CD 1 (Bonamici): D +30
CD 2 (Bentz): R +25
CD 3 (Blumenauer): D +44
CD 4 (DeFazio): D +10
CD 5 (Schrader): D+1
CD 6 (NEW): D +4

The latest mapsshifts CD 5 across the Cascades, grabbing Bend. But the original proposed pizza design with districts creeping out of Portland continue the Gerrymandered format for Democrats: no respect for natural boundaries (Cascade Mountains), linked communities of interest, or other ties . . . except Democrat voter registration and with the consequence of giving Portland over-representation (and under representing rural Oregon).  This will only further Oregon’s rural-urban split.

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