Sen. Girod: Statement on non-stop Portland rioting

Senate Republican Leader’s Statement on Continued Violence and Chaos in Portland
By Oregon State Senator Fred Girod
Oregon Republican Senate Leader,

SALEM, Ore. – On Tuesday night, a violent mob of anarchists caused half of a million dollars worth of property damage to 35 different locations in Portland.

The Senate Republican Leader Fred Girod (R-Lyons) released the following statement:

“I was hoping that after 24 hours my Democratic colleagues would have publically denounced the continued chaos and criminal activity in Portland. Silence from the political party that runs our state emboldens criminals. The constant destruction, violence, and murder in Portland are not normal. Oregonians are scared.

“The Portland City Council continues to drag their feet on addressing this crime spike. The Multnomah County District Attorney refuses to do his job and has rejected the vast majority of riot cases. Because Portland defunded their gun violence unit, causing an officer shortage, almost half of the murderers this year have not been arrested. If local governments won’t keep their communities safe, the state must.

“Research shows that more policing deters crime and saves lives. The Portland Police union has made it clear that they need more than 800 additional officers to keep the city safe. Senate Republicans attempted to add funding for 300 more State Troopers to assist local police departments this last session. Democrats voted that down in lockstep.

“Ignoring this public safety crisis is irresponsible and costing lives.”