Brown evades question on what it will take to lift mask mandate

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon is one of six states requiring people to wear masks inside, regardless of vaccination status. Nancy Pelosi’s home state of California doesn’t even have this rule.

Earlier this week, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown traveled to Washington, D.C. for the bill signing ceremony for Pres. Biden’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

While there, a Washington DC reporter asked specifically what “metrics” Brown is using to determine when to lift the mask mandate. She gave a non-answer: “What’s most important to me throughout this pandemic that Oregonians stay alive and be healthy and safe, that we keep our kids in school with as minimal disruption as possible, and that our businesses are able to stay open and continue to thrive, so that is where we are focused.”

There you go.  There is no metrics, no method, no science that the Governor can point to as when it is safe to lift the mask rule. This appears to be completely arbitrary and providing Oregonians no end in sight.

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