6 thanks for America during our pandemic

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Being thankful means finding the good amidst the bad.

Here are some things we are grateful for as we emerge from this pandemic.

– The United States has donated 200 million vaccine doses to needed countries.  China on the other hand has offered their vaccines in exchange for nations accepting their 5G wireless carrier or in exchange for these nation’s governments to drop recognition of Taiwan as a nation.  I am glad America did not use this time to exploit nations but to generously help.

– There are nearly two dozen COVID vaccines being used in the world and the ones produced by the United States/Europe are among the best performing and most wanted by comparison. Sometimes the other vaccine effectiveness rates can reach as low as 50% from the onset.   We are grateful for our country’s success and for those who made it happen — and we wish everyone else in the world will soon share the same.

– Nation’s like Thailand, Philippines, Turkey, Ecuador and Brazil have stopped using China’s vaccine mid-use and instead are waiting for orders of Pfizer & AstaZeneca.   This demonstrates how perilous and difficult the whole vaccine process has been.

– Moderna raised $2 billion in private investment funds (and only $150 million in federal funds) in 2018 which coincidentally helped position themselves for the oversized task of helping with the pandemic at the exact perfect time.  Once the COVID genetic code was made known, it only took two days for Moderna to design a vaccine and 42 days to ship samples to the National Institutes of Health.  Moderna did this without ever having had put a single product on the market.  Moderna has been so successful that now the White House wants them to forfeit their ownership of their vaccine to the U.S. government.  You know you are a success when the government wants to take credit and control.

– America’s 50 states model allowed Governor’s to make decisions for their states which provided stark differences.  It helped reveal what worked and what didn’t.

– As a result of states succeeding and failing there were huge population migrations that occurred during 2020 and 2021.  Americans voted with their feet and it is already shaking up the political world.

Take time this Thanksgiving season to appreciate our Democracy, our Federalism, our Free Enterprise system, our Capitalism, our entrepreneurs, our Constitution and our health care heroes.

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