Portland: $1.3M to pot shops after $15M police cut

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Portland approved $1.3 million of City taxpayer dollars to be given directly to marijuana shops to boost their business.

Some of this is to help stores recover from a devastating crime spree where, mainly teenagers, robbed Portland pot shops over 100 times in just under a year. Therefore, Portland is now known for cutting police by $15 million while at the same time giving $1.5 million to pot shops to compensate them for the rise in crime caused in part by the police defunding and by criminals gangs many of which who are using the very product they steal.

The funds are also meant for economic development of the marijuana industry.   This is odd since Oregon is famous for having so much marijuana surplus that the OLCC says it will take the state 6 years to consume it all.   Marijuana surplus causes prices to drop.  Throwing taxpayer dollars to an already surplus market will only make it cheaper — which is a strange objective of government policy.

This is the second time Portland has awarded tax dollars to marijuana shops.

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