Portland sees 300% rat increase

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Portland is officially turning into New York as the Rose City is seeing an infestation of rats with calls jumping 300 percent in two weeks.

The closure of downtown restaurants and proliferation of homeless encampments filled with litter has attracted the creatures.   With massive homeless encampments has created a publci trash problem.

Pest control companies throughout Multnomah County say they’re receiving more complaints of rats. Keith Chaloux of Pest & Pollinator said rodent calls had increased 300 percent in two weeks, according to KATU-TV 2.

Rats reproduce quickly, with females birthing litters of 10 every two or three months—an average of 40 pups or pinkies a year.

The Oregon Health Authority has reported no increase in rat bites or diseases spread by rats, according to KATU-TV.

Thank goodness Portland banned plastic straws to improve their image.

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