No on Newberg SB recall. No to Hollywood’s meddling.

Hon. Bill Post,

Former Oregon State Representative
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More news for my friends in my old House District, specifically Newberg.

This (video) is one of the proponents of the recall effort in Newberg. Sadly, she forgets that the groups behind the recalls are funded by Hollywood stars/directors (Rosario Dawson, Michael Moriarity to name a couple), teacher’s unions in Portland, one local winery owner and a few individual donors to the tune of over $70,000. Enough to buy TV ads that are playing in the area.

You know, “amateur parents” are doing this?

So great, they have big donors.

But don’t whine about other “political groups” when you’re doing the same thing. After you listen to her “chat” then read the article below:

Big Money in Newberg to push small town recalls

And in that article, click on the links from ORESTAR (the SOS campaign funds) for these PACS. It’s eye opening.

THEN do the most important thing you can do: VOTE NO!!

Newberg and Dundee: Don’t wait to fill out that ballot.. DO IT NOW!! Get that ballot in right away. “NO” on both recalls.

Here’s the funny video Link:

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