Liberals have made arson almost legal

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Thanks to liberal lawmakers, liberal judges and liberal prosecutors we are able to tragically highlight four recent stories of arson in the NW where the criminals received no prison time.

• An 18-year-old, Rollin Tristan Fodor, pleaded guilty to setting fire to both a Portland Police building and a small business. He was given only community service, which sent the message that police property is expendable.


• A 25-year-old was charged with arson, criminal mischief, rioting, and setting fire to a Chase bank in Portland. The man boasted about his arson, his Molotov cocktail, and the need to do it all over again, saying he was on another “mission” to “set another fire.”  His charges were dropped.   During this fire (photo below), the riot crowd could be heard cheering which demonstrates that this is not just an ordinary fire but rather a criminal act that inspired more rioting and more arson that night.


• Five teens in Battle Ground, Washington, admitted to setting fire to a man’s home (below). In addition to leveling his home, the fire destroyed his vehicle, his collectables, and a lifetime of his professional photography work. Three of the teens involved were allowed to go free while the remaining two were required to do simple community service.   The victim who lost his home said, “It’s a good, good bargain for them. And it’s a crappy bargain for me. It’s affected my family, myself, the community … This sends a terrible message out to the community that you can do something as ridiculous as this, either accidentally or intentionally, and you’re going to get away with it.”


• In September 2020, Domingo Lopez Jr. was arrested for trying to set a major brush fire in Portland with a Molotov Cocktail. He was arrested, released, and hours later was arrested AGAIN for trying to light six more fires.  Six more fires!   A total of seven fires in a single day.

Arson is a dangerous crime that inflames others to commit.

Just look at the fires below during a 10-day period during the Portland riots.

Also look at the suspected criminal arson acts during a 60-day window a few months later.


Liberal prosecutors and judges are putting the needs of criminals above the people victimized when it comes to arson.


Had enough of Oregon’s crime wave? 

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