College blocks Andy Ngo from speaking

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon bestselling author Andy Ngo, who documents the crimes of Leftists and anarchist protesters, was blocked from physically speaking at an event at Dartmouth College.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education explains,“The event, which was to take place Jan. 20, was hosted by the college’s chapters of the College Republicans, Turning Point USA, and Network of Enlightened Women. Dartmouth canceled the in-person event and moved it online just hours before its scheduled start, citing “concerning information” from the Hanover Police Department. What’s interesting is that protesters did not show up to the event, and the university confirmed there was no “bomb threat,” as had been alluded to in previous reports. This leaves us wondering: What information was “concerning” enough to cancel the event?   On Jan. 26, FIRE wrote to Dartmouth for more information about why it canceled the event and what steps it took to avoid cancellation. Because cancellation, we noted, allows a heckler’s veto to prevail, and curtailing speaking appearances in reaction to threats of violence only incentivizes the heckler’s veto in the future.”

What is important is that Andy Ngo was once a Portland State University student.  He then tried to organize panel discussions on various topical subjects but was thwarted by hostile opposition.  Since then many speakers have been heckled or harassed from speaking at Portland State University.  Even one of their acclaimed professors left last year over threats of harassment and loss of free speech.   This has allowed colleges to censor speakers they do not like as long as they can find a single person who disagrees.

Blocking free speech is a serious threat to our freedoms.

Andy Ngo was awarded the Thomas Jefferson Award for protecting liberty last year  by the Taxpayers Association of Oregon.   Constant death threats by Leftists, Antifa and anarchists, forced Andy Ngo to leave Oregon and the country.

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