Lawmakers speak out against Washington fuel tax on Oregonians

Oregon House Republicans testify before Washington Legislature to fight for hardworking Oregonians
By Oregon House Republican Caucus,

Rep. Boshart Davis and Rep. Brock Smith oppose proposal to fund Washington road projects by taxing Oregonians

SALEM, Ore. – Representative Shelly Boshart Davis (R-Albany) and Representative David Brock Smith (R-Port Orford) spoke up for Oregonians during the Washington State Legislature’s House Transportation Committee.

The two Oregon legislators spoke in opposition to an “exported fuel tax” proposal from Washington Democrats to levy a new tax on 90 percent of Oregon’s transportation fuel.

“This is an offensive proposal that would force Oregonians to pay for Washington’s infrastructure projects,” said Rep. Boshart Davis. “I cannot stand by and watch as the hardworking people of Oregon are hit with an unfair and unjust tax with zero representation. Oregon has its own infrastructure needs, we should not and will not pay for Washington’s.”

“This effort really highlights poor policymaking in Washington,” added Rep. Brock Smith. “The Washington Legislature set goals and approved transportation projects they couldn’t afford. Instead of doing a better job with writing public policy, they’re going to ask my residents to pay for their roads when they have never nor will ever use them.”