Lars Larson: Everyone’s taking mask stand…except Tina Kotek

By Lars Larson
NW and national radio host

If you’re having a tough time deciphering the ditzy covid decisions of our government masters, join the club. They don’t look like science to me.

Lockdown Kate Brown claims she WILL drop indoor mask rules…but may wait till the end of next month.

That could leave Oregon the last state in America to do so.

44 other states have already dropped the rules: the District of Columbia just did it.

California officially has the rule, but if you watched the superbowl you saw how well that worked out. The elites simply ignore it.

Oregon has a Governor’s race going on. Finally, the people get a say on some of this. Governor Brownshirt has been largely out of public view and the Legislature is meeting behind locked doors.

Six major candidates running as republicans: all say masks should be a personal decision.

Independent Gubernatorial candidate Betsy Johnson, who has jumped out of the Democrat Party, told me SHE supports individual choice on masks.

Democrat Tobias Read plans to join me next week and I’ll ask for his mask position.

And that leaves only Tina Kotek still avoiding an interview, and a position on masks, just like the woman she wants to replace.

Can you imagine voting for another invisible Governor?